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International mobility

Immigration and citizenship

The firm accompanies foreign citizens to move to France.

During 8 years of professional experience abroad, Magda has worked for various international organisations, NGOs, and law firms. She quickly understood that international mobility was a real challenge. She created a particular practice to help foreigners to move to settle in France either for family reasons or for work purposes. She is working along with companies and International organizations that are looking to hire outside of France.


At some point on the path to immigrate to France, legal representation might become necessary.

Magda can be called to defend her clients rights vis-à-vis the French administration or French consulates abroad.

She assists her clients for :


  • Visa applications

  • Appeals against visa refusals

  • Residence permits

  • Status changes

  • Family reunification / international adoptions

  • Work permits

  • Appointments at the "Prefecture"

  • Appeals against residence permits refusals ("OQTF")


Acquiring French citizenship involves applying specific criterias which are based on the specifics of each situation.


From gathering documents to the preparation of the interview at the “Prefecture” and until the appeal proceeding in case of a refusal, Magda can be called to defend her clients’ rights vis-à-vis the French administration while applying for citizenship.

She assists her clients for :

  • Naturalization processes

  • Reintegration

  • Acquisition of French nationality

  • French nationality certificates

  • Appeals against citizenship refusals




The right to asylum is provided for under international treaties and specific proceedings. Magda, thanks to her background in international law, takes into account all type of issues that asylum seekers face before the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons ("OFPRA") but also before the National Court of Asylum ("CNDA").

Magda accompanies asylum seekers all along the filing of their asylum case and during the interview with the OFPRA. In case of a refusal, Magda also files the appeal before the CNDA.

Magda collaborates with many associations and reception centres for asylum-seekers (”CADA”).


Whether it is following police custody, a criminal conviction or an obligation to leave the country, removal proceedings are very specific and require urgent intervention.


Magda El Haitem assists you at all stages of the proceeding and ensures that your rights are respected before the "Juge des libertés et de la détention" to appeal against the detention and/or before the Administrative Judge to appeal an obligation to leave French territory or a house arrest.

Removal proceedings and administrative detention

Droits humains

Human Rights

As a committed lawyer, the protection of human rights is at the heart of Magda’s practice.

She comes with several years of experience in the defense of human rights, and brings the right skillset to successfully apply international and national mechanisms for the protection of fundamental freedoms.

She is also experienced in engaging with institutions such as national human rights bodies, the European Court of Human Rights and United Nations mechanisms.

Furthermore she also works with associations and international organisations on training and research projects.

She is therefore ready to assist her clients in all files and proceedings where a violation of a fundamental freedom occurs such as a state of emergency, police violence, prison law or discrimination.

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