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Employers face many challenges while hiring foreign employees in France. That's why we've designed the Full Access membership, a comprehensive solution specifically tailored to meet French employers' needs.


Why choose the Full Access membership?


  • Not sure whether you need to apply for a work authorization before hiring your employee and/or whether your employee has the right to work in France? The firm will analyze the situation and give you a precise answer. 

  • Your employee's residence permit is about to expire, and he or she is unable to apply for renewal or book an appointment with the Prefecture? The firm will take the case to the administrative court as a matter of urgency to request the renewal of his/her residence permit. 

  • You wish to recruit an employee living abroad, but don't know how to apply for a visa or which bilateral agreement to base your application on? The firm will provide strategic advice on the matter and explain the process step by step. 

  • Wondering how to keep up with the changes of foreigners' rights in France (new laws and administrative changes)? The firm will keep a constant watch on legislation and update all files.

Included with the monthly membership:


  • Unlimited phone calls: Open to your company's managers as well as your employees, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

  • Unlimited strategic advices: on work permit applications, employee visa applications and proceedings for hiring foreign employees.

  • Emergency proceedings: Helping your employees to obtain a residence permit renewal receipt quickly, with emergency referrals to the relevant administrative court (the monthly membership includes one emergency procedure per month).


Make sure your company remains compliant while recruiting the employee you need!


Prices:​ €500 before VAT/Month

full access membership

Relocation bundle

This bundle includes:

  • First videoconference meeting

  • Visa application and appointment at the French consulate

After arriving in France :

  • One hour appointment at the firm

  • Appointment request with the French administration ("Préfecture")

  • Gathering documents to prepare the file to be submitted to the "Prefecture" and drafting of the accompanying letter

  • Accompaniment during the appointment at the "Prefecture"

Self-employement bundle

This bundle includes:

  • Analysis of your project and of the economic viability of your activity, according to the criterias established by the French "Prefecture"

  • Preparation of your visa and residence permit file

  • Appointment with the French administration

Fees policy

Transparency and equity

Fees are transparently charged to the client and only after the client’s approval of the fee arrangement in accordance with the Paris Bar association ethical rules.

After the first appointment and a preliminary analysis of the case, the firm will offer the client a choice between different types of fee arrangements, such as hourly or flat rates.

In the event of a dispute, you may refer matters to the French Legal Ombudsman :

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